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Knock Out Your First 100 Days as a People Leader

Are you nailing your first 100 days as a new people leader? The first time leading a team is both exciting and nerve wracking. And rightfully so. You’ve done the work to finally take on the sacred role of leadership. You’ve shown your expertise in leading yourself and your performance, and now it’s time to […]

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5 ways to support your team and create more impact Most organizations are designed with a traditional hierarchy where very few people sit at the top of the company and most of the managers and employees flow from the middle to the bottom. Although the use of positional power within these contexts can be tempting, […]

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Hi there! I’m Tabitha, your leadership and career coach at
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I believe deep transformation is cultivated in the quiet, unseen moments that happen everyday. Becoming the best leader and having a fulfilling career is nurtured long before it’s activated. And although the process requires discipline, it also requires a daily dose of fun and humor!

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