Leadership Development For Businesses 

Through a unique one-on-one and group coaching process, we partner with current and aspiring women leaders to discover their unique power and take on leadership roles courageously and confidently. 

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The Process

Discover & Clarify

Experience an unprecedented feedback process getting the clearest understanding of their unique set of gifts, fears and limitations.

Take Your Next Best Action

Create an action plan that disrupts negative thought patterns and radically redesigns their days with new rhythms that supports what truly matters.

Multiply Impact

Serve through your teams, communities and families better by putting your new perspectives into practice alongside your coach.

What it includes

Comprehensive 360-style interviews

Strengths Assessment

Minimum 6 month engagement for one or more individuals

Consultation on selection process

Two, 90 minute coaching sessions per month per individual

Full individual access to TCC tools

Group coaching for teams or leadership cohorts


The Benefit

Build healthy leaders first, impact second 

Get the best of your leaders with an unprecedented, deep focus on the participant’s unique strengths that lead to mega impact

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This may be the right fit for your company if you're thinking... 

We want to invest in our leaders, specifically women

we want to be intentional about creating a healthy leadership culture throughout the organization

developing the unique gifts of our leaders & employees is important to us

we want to reduce overwhelm and burnout leaders may be feeling as they step into bigger roles

Getting leaders up to speed as quickly as possible is a struggle 

WE're SPENDing TOO MUCH TIME IN MEETINGs with new leaders and not accomplishing anything

Kind Words

Tabitha has guided me through meaningful and lasting changes around how I work and the balance of life - unlocking a new level of self-awareness.


She was kind and gracious while not allowing me to slip on my own commitments.

— eliza m.

I got more feedback and insight than I could have ever imagined. Tabitha invests her time and knowledge into hitting your objectives.

— tatiana f.

What Makes Us Different

The sooner leaders can develop deep self awareness and establish rhythms and healthy boundaries, the sooner they reach maximum impact in their organization.

Through one-on-one or group coaching sessions, we help business leaders do the deep discovery work required to gain the clearest picture they’ve ever had of their unique set of strengths and natural talent. We work with them to establish a sequence of customized practices and mindshifts that lead to a ripple effect of sustainable growth throughout the organization. 

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