Hi there! I’m Tabitha, your leadership and career coach at
The Callo Company.

I believe deep transformation is cultivated in the quiet, unseen moments that happen everyday. Healthy leadership and careers require intentional focus and nurturing. And although the process requires discipline, it also requires a daily dose of fun and humor!

14 years ago I lept into my first professional position.

Hello, Las Vegas! Here, I managed the group sales efforts for a chain of popular restaurants. 

My decision to take this big leap was totally spontaneous. I know you've been there! It probably led to more heartache than I expected, BUT it turned out to be a major inflection point in my career that led me to help hundreds of people navigate their leadership and careers. 

Through a mind-mapping exercise (yes! I use these with my clients) I narrowed in on my strengths, interests and skills. It propelled me to begin a journey through graduate school at Northwestern University where I graduated with a Masters in Learning and Organizational Change. Yeah... that's a mouth full!

During my studies, I accepted a full time position with a large tech company to design and execute their global high-potential leadership programs. It took dedication, discipline and loads of self-discovery. 

Ten years at this company offered me opportunities to work one-on-one with hundreds of employees across many functional areas including engineering, sales, operations, marketing and supply chain. I led large learning and development projects including the execution of sales enablement programs for our entire North America region. I was seemingly "living the dream" UNTIL I eventually faced burnout and exhaustion. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my job.

It was rewarding, but it was taking me away from my growing family, the relationship with my husband, my church, and the hobbies that brought me so much joy. So what did I do? I decided to leave and begin a new journey as an entrepreneur. I put my experience and knowledge into practice helping women and young leaders cultivate their leadership with wisdom and with boundaries. Leadership isn’t about what you do, it’s about who you are. Identity before impact.

I believe that when we focus in that order, we make better decisions and are limitless in what we can accomplish. 

my bio

As the founder of The Callo Company, I have a deep passion for developing leaders in all walks of life and organizations. I strongly believe that every single person has been uniquely designed and therefore has been given powerful gifts that are made to encourage and lift up our teams, communities, and families.

I work with women in leadership, emerging leaders, and moms to empower healthy and intentional formation. 

I have a Masters in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University. When I'm not working with clients, I enjoy reading with a great cup of coffee, getting in a hard workout with good friends, and most of all, spending time with my husband and two beautiful girls!




Mom of two beautifully crazy little girls and wife of a ridculously handsome husband. 


Once upon a time, salsa dancing was my favorite hobby.


Give me the beach, a towel and an umbrella and I’m in my happy place. 


Harry Potter, anyone? I’m obsessed. 

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