Private Leadership Coaching

We help women in leadership achieve deep self awareness, gain clarity, and implement thoughtful rhythms that lead to personal and professional growth.

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How it Works

discover & clarify

Go through an unprecedented feedback process getting the clearest understanding of your unique set of gifts, fears and limitations

take your next best action

Disrupt invasive thought patterns and radically redesign your days with new rhythms and tools that support what truly matters to you

multiply impact

Serve through your teams, communities and families better by putting your new perspectives into practice alongside your coach.

The Benefit

Get intimately familiar with your individual gifts and limitations

Name your tensions and design your days with healthy boundaries that maximize your leadership potential 

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What it includes

Minimum 6 month one-on-one engagement

 Comprehensive 360-style interviews

Strengths Assessment

a one day immersive session with your coach (remote or in person)

Two, 90 minute coaching calls per month



This is the right fit if...

you find yourself thinking...

  • I want to achieve exponential leadership growth
  • I want to have a positive impact on others and in my workplace
  • I'm not quite sure what's possible for me
  • I'm transitioning back to the workplace after caring for family
  • My days are consumed by meeting after meeting and I don't have time for my own development
  • I feel stuck and I'm not sure how to continue my own development

YOU ARE you a...

  • Professional woman who just got promoted 
  • A manager who aspires to lead in larger roles
  • An entrepreneur leading for the first time

If you find yourself shouting “YES” to any of these statements, we might be for you! 

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Kind Words

Tabitha has guided me through meaningful and lasting changes around how I work and the balance of life - unlocking a new level of self-awareness.


She was kind and gracious while not allowing me to slip on my own commitments.

— eliza m.

I got more feedback and insight than I could have ever imagined. Tabitha invests her time and knowledge into hitting your objectives.


What Makes Us Different

We work on the who before the what. Our leadership coaching is not just about a larger title, higher salary, or a bigger team. We make YOU the central focus of deep discovery work. As the saying goes, “wherever you go, there you are.” You can’t outrun your past, your assumptions, or the stories repeated in your mind.

So we help you understand how those things show up in your leadership and combine it with a deep understanding of your greatest strengths. This powerful equation helps you reach your goals and go far beyond what you thought was possible. 

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If you find yourself shouting “YES” to any of the above statements, let’s have a conversation!

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